What is deep linking?
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Deep Linking

What is deep linking? Deep linking involves using hyperlinks to direct users to specific, relevant pages within a website or mobile app, enhancing the user experience. Deep linking makes it easy for users to land on particular pages within an app, such as their shopping cart or new product listings. Their use is all about improving user engagement, retention, and the overall app and website experience by providing direct links to what users are interested in, thereby enhancing sales and showcasing personalized content.

How does deep linking work? Deep linking is like having a special map that takes you directly to a particular place in an app, like a specific page or item. It works by using a special code in links from emails, messages, or social media. When you click on a deep link, it can take you right to that spot in the app. EIf the app isn't on your device, the link can redirect you to your smartphone’s app store for a download. Once the download is complete, deep link will further help you get it before taking you to the intended spot.

Types of deep linking:

  • Context-aware deep linking: This type of deep linking takes the user to a page or content item that is relevant to their current context. For example, a context-aware deep link in an email about a new product might take the user directly to the product page in the app.
  • Non-context-aware deep linking: This type of deep linking takes the user to a specific page or content item in the app, regardless of their current context. For example, a non-context-aware deep link in a social media post might take the user to the app's homepage.

Why is deep linking important to marketers? Deep linking is vital for marketers because it enhances user experience by guiding them to what they want, boosting engagement and conversions, and effectively tracking marketing campaign performance by counting clicks and in-app actions.

Who needs to know what deep linking is:

  • Digital marketing manager
  • Paid search specialist
  • Social media manager
  • Content marketing manager
  • Affiliate manager
  • E-commerce manager
  • Product manager
  • Marketing analyst
  • Brand manager

Use deep linking in a sentence: “Mobile deep links significantly increased our brand conversion rates and reduced the average Cost Per Acquisition because we’re able to direct our users much more seamlessly to the products and information they want.”