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High-Intent Customers

Tap into new revenue streams with personalized offers at the moment of purchase.
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A Winning Formula to Fuel Your Customer
Acquisition Strategy

AI Targeting

Leverage adflow’s first-party data and machine learning to predict preferences and match shoppers with the best offers.


Leverage multi-variant testing across copy, creative, and CTAs to optimize performance.


Increase your conversion rate with an extra nudge via adflow’s CRM capabilities*

*coming in 2024

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How it works


Customer places an order on an ecommerce site


A personalized offers is served at the confirmation page, the optimal purchase moment.


Customer engages with the offer.


Your customer acquisition scales.

Get in front of actively engaged, targeted audiences
fresh from a successful purchase.

Expand Your Reach

  • Access exclusive inventory on commerce partners’ purchase confirmation pages.
  • Capture consumers’ attention at the most optimal purchase moment.
  • Leverage multi-variant testing to optimize your creative and attract the right audience.

Tap into Commerce Data

  • Access first-party insights from adflow and our commerce partners.
  • Match commerce insights with your own customer data in a privacy-safe environment.
  • Uncover insights to enhance your targeting strategy and achieve the highest possible conversion rates.

Acquire High-LTV Customers

  • Utilize machine learning to segment your audience and forecast shoppers’ preferences.
  • Deliver highly relevant and targeted offers to convert premium audiences into loyal customers.
  • Identify top-performing commerce partners and optimize toward your ROAS/CAC goals.

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