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Elevate Your Cross-Channel
Marketing Strategy with

Targeted Audiences

Leverage our syndicated and custom segments to reach the ideal consumers for your campaign, no matter how niche.
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Leading Brands Trust Fluent to Power their Marketing Strategy

A Winning Formula for Enhanced Data & Targeting


Activate audience segments across channels including programmatic, social, and CTV.

Advanced Targeting
& Personalization

Deliver tailored messaging and build 1:1 consumer experiences at scale.


Connect with highly engaged audiences and 
drive high LTV customers.

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Enhance Accuracy Targeting Campaigns Personalization Consumer Experience with Fluent’s Audience Solutions

Define your ideal audience and refine your targeting with consumer attributes ranging from from age and location to lifestyle and behaviors. We’ll help you optimize ad spend by reaching the right audiences from the get-go.

Activate Standard Segments

Access and activate hundreds of available audience segments across key verticals.

Build Custom Segments

Leverage data from over 500K+ daily survey respondents to build your custom audiences.

Amplify Your Message to the Right People

Build Your Ideal Audience Segments Based on Key Attributes & Dimensions

  • Demographics​
  • Financial​
  • Health​
  • Insurance​
  • Memberships​
  • Mobile Apps, Carriers​
  • Political Opinions​
  • Psychographics​
  • Sports & Gaming​
  • Sweepstakes & Gambling​
  • Tobacco Usage​
  • Travel & Leisure ​

Unlocking Success for Brands Across Key Verticals

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