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Match Exclusive Ad Inventory to Your Unique Audience

adlogik offers high-impact, turnkey solutions to monetize your digital spaces and maximize revenue.
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Fluent connects brands around the world to their most valuable audiences

Engage your Users and Increase Revenue on Conversions with Data-Driven Native Advertising

Data-led Targeting

Access Fluent’s first-party data to match your site’s visitors with relevant ads

Unlock a Powerful
Revenue Stream

Integrate native advertising on your site and leverage your most valuable content to drive competitive EPCs (Earnings Per Click)

Integrate Native
Experiences in No Time

Get up and running quickly with ads enabled by a light-weight javascript snippet

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adlogik Native Advertising Modules

Monetize your site’s user journey with versatile ad modules that blend into your brand


a stack of multiple offers embedded or overlayed at a site touchpoint

Single offer carousel

a dynamically changing offer within a single ad module embedded or overlayed at a site touchpoint

Content Locker

displays multiple offers that restricts access to premium content on your site

Get more out of your brand and content with adlogik


Work with the adlogik team to determine the best touchpoints for different ad modules.


Once live, visitors submit personal information through your site.


Informed by their submission and third-party data, adlogik serves native, relevant ads to your visitors.


You gain revenue when your visitors engage with offers.

Get more out of your brand and content with adlogik

Maximize Earnings Per Click

  • Capitalize on high-engagement touchpoints across your site and content.
  • Optimize performance with a perfect mix of offer stacks, single offers, and content locking.
  • Get up and running quickly with a lightweight javascript snippet.

Realize Revenue with On-Brand Displays

  • Customize ad modules to retain your site’s native look and feel.
  • Ensure mobile-friendly and desktop-optimized experiences.
  • Choose between overlay or embedded displays tailored to your brand guidelines.

Elevate the User Experience

  • Leverage Fluent’s first-party data to match users (via encrypted email or phone number) to relevant ads.
  • Drive incremental revenue with tailored offers from trusted brands your users recognize.
  • Continually work with the adlogik team to optimize your adlogik instance and improve the user experience.

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