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Effortlessly monetize your site’s checkout experience with relevant offers for your unique audience.
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Leading Brands Trust Fluent to Power their Commerce Media Strategy

A Winning Formula for Activating Data Across Channels


Leverage adflow’s first-party data and machine learning to match shoppers with optimal offers.


Seamlessly customize ad units with your own brand guidelines, all through a light-weight integration.


Easily review your session’s views, clicks and revenue with an in-depth reporting dashboard.

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How it Works


Customer places an order on your ecommerce site.


Offer served
A personalized offer is served at the confirmation page, the optimal purchase moment.


Offer interaction
Customer engages with the offer.


Revenue is earned and LTV grows!

Seize the Momentum of Commerce Media with adflow

adflow enables you to reach high-intent customers at the post-transaction moment between their purchase and your confirmation page.

Unlock Incremental Profit Streams

  • Unleash the untapped potential of your post-transaction confirmation page with a low-lift integration.
  • Transform underutilized site real estate into valuable monetization opportunities.
  • Drive incremental profit without disrupting the customer’s purchase.

Elevate Your Customer Experience

  • Offer exclusive brand offers, tailored to their needs and preferences.
  • Customize the size and color of the ad units to align with your brand guidelines.
  • Boost your customers’ LTV with a personalized ad experience that feels native to your site.

Prioritize Optimization

  • Easily review your session’s metrics views, clicks, and revenue with full transparency into performance.
  • Partner with your adflow team to improve engagement and maximize ROI through efficient A/B testing.
  • Get immediate returns with low levels of investment and effort.

We Drive Incremental Profit Per Transaction Via Relevant Offers from Leading Brands

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