Q&A: How Vivid Seats is Unlocking the Value of Commerce Media with adflow

September 20, 2023

For retailers and publishers looking to capitalize on the value of commerce media, launching a full-blown retail media network is rarely realistic. As a simple add-on to ecommerce confirmation pages, post-transaction advertising offers businesses a low-lift opportunity to experiment with a commerce media strategy and generate new revenue streams.

Q&A with Vivid Seats

We recently sat down with Malik Chabou, Senior Partnership Manager at Vivid Seats, to learn how his team implemented adflow – Fluent’s post-transaction advertising solution – across his company’s web confirmation pages. Check out the Q&A below for a full rundown of the integration process.

Malik Chabou Headshot

When did you first launch post-transaction advertising on Vivid Seats? 

“We started featuring post-transaction advertising on our Vivid Seats web confirmation page over six years ago. However, we recently made the switch to Fluent / adflow.”

What led to the decision? 

“It was a combination of the revenue opportunity for us and the ability to offer additional value to customers by providing them with relevant offers that complimented their purchase and/or increased the value proposition of Vivid Seats.”

Why did you choose post-transaction advertising over other add-ons that could lead to additional revenue streams? 

“This is a relatively easy implementation, and the ability to modify advertiser offers without needing subsequent code updates on our end was attractive.”

Have you partnered with third-party vendors to run any other kinds of advertising on Vivid Seats’ digital properties?

“In addition to third-party advertising partnerships on our confirmation page, we’ve promoted partners on our transactional emails and have offered upsells via emails.”

Did you have concerns about using adflow? What were they? Why did you decide to move forward? 

“The number of interstitials showing up on our confirmation page and how Fluent / adflow should fit in the context of other interstitials. We’ve worked with the Fluent / adflow team to understand the impact of the sequence on the confirmation page to ensure maximum revenue generation without impacting the desired outcome of other offers.”

Did you see immediate results? Were adjustments needed? 

“We were able to roll out to 100% of web traffic immediately after implementing and testing. The Fluent team continued to make UI adjustments and monitor performance on our behalf to maximize and take rate.”

What kind of feedback have you received from customers? 

“To date, we have been happy with the positive feedback and engagement we’ve received.”

Did you hire anyone in-house to manage any aspect of this post-transaction media business?

“No, we were able to manage with our existing team structures and resources.”

Can you describe your experience working with the adflow team so far?

“It’s been an absolute pleasure working with the adflow team. Proactive communication, easy implementation, and the team’s continuous performance monitoring have ensured our account is optimized.”

Getting Started with Post-Transaction Advertising

Fluent helps dozens of companies like Vivid Seats elevate their customer experience and drive incremental profit per transaction. Are you ready to unlock the value of commerce media? Connect with us here to get started with Fluent’s post-transaction advertising solution today.