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Enhance your omnichannel marketing strategy with declared data from 30MM+ monthly consumers.
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A Winning Formula for Activating Data Across Channels

Conversion Tracking

Monitor and analyze consumer interactions across channels and gain actionable insights.


Reach qualified consumers with real-time data delivery between our sites and your database.


Guarantee data accuracy, integrity, and quality with third-party verification from BriteVerify™.

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Drive Personalization Customer Retention Customer Loyalty ROI with Fluent’s First-Party Data Solution

Get closer to your most valued customers with exclusive first-party data assets. Leveraging email as an identifier, we deliver opted-in profiles that can be used for targeting across the entire customer journey.

Expand Your Audience

  • Generate exclusive first-party consumer profiles, delivered to your brand in real-time.
  • Capture consumer consent with Fluent’s privacy-safe, opt-in registration process.
  • Unlock scale and insights to support your consumer-first strategy with custom attributes.

Build 1:1 Relationships

  • Connect with consumers on a 1:1 basis and deliver personalized messaging.
  • Gain insight into consumer behavior, product preferences, and buying signals over time.
  • Drive strong LTV by reengaging consumers across connected TV, email, social, and more.

Drive Incremental Value

  • Ramp up your omnichannel marketing strategy with fully addressable, deterministic profiles.
  • Expand into channels beyond email to unlock incremental value and conversions.
  • Increase campaign efficiency and ROAS with cross-channel optimization and attribution.

Upholding Data Privacy and Integrity

We partner with several of the industry’s leading organizations and platform providers to help advertisers activate their data assets in a privacy-safe, consumer-first way.

Activation Platforms

Target verified audiences for paid media efforts:


Use consumer intent to build marketing segments:

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Leading DTC Brand Partners with Fluent to Maximize the Value of First-Party Data

A DTC meal-kit service partnered with Fluent to generate exclusive first-party profiles, activating audiences across 35+ channels to drive incremental sales and reduce acquisition costs.

  • 3.5MM+ Qualified first-party data profiles
  • Under $50 CAC
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