Fluent Delivers 128% of ROAS Goal for Leading Game Developer
Case Study

Fluent Delivers 128% of ROAS Goal for Leading Game Developer

Exclusive mobile web inventory unlocks rewarded traffic across both Android and iOS devices.



A leading mobile game developer based in Tel Aviv has pioneered features like personalized, daily game experiences and free-to-play games on social networks. To continue to grow its global audience of 34MM+ MAUs, the company needed a partner that could offer incremental audiences, a proven performance marketing track record, and the ability to scale.



The client set ambitious goals of raising total app installs, increasing LTV, and improving ROAS. To get there, an innovative and scalable user acquisition strategy would be needed to help navigate heavy market saturation and Apple’s latest iOS updates.



With a massive audience of over 10MM+ MAUs, Fluent was selected for its history of success in the gaming category. Since Apple cracked down on in-app offerwalls in 2019, rewarded installs have been hard to come by for iOS developers. Offering access to rewarded inventory on the mobile web, Fluent helped to bridge this gap, allowing the client to diversify its UA strategy and unlock rewarded traffic across both Android and iOS devices.

Fluent launched broad CPI campaigns on its proprietary Flash Rewards site, leveraging offerwall placements to test the waters and establish benchmarks. Seamless integrations with the industry’s leading MMPs made tracking and attribution a breeze, allowing Fluent to segment high-performing audience segments and establish right price bidding.

Throughout the partnership, Fluent also focused on downstream actions, rewarding users for continuous gameplay and engagement. Optimizing for in-app purchase rates and level completion progression, Fluent adjusted media composition and targeting to help the client reach its ideal users. As communication increased between Fluent and the client, so did performance, and together the companies exceeded campaign objectives.



The campaign measured success based on two retention milestones – users that made a purchase within seven days of initial install (D7 ROI) and total predicted app revenue made within 180 days of initial install (pD180).

The game developer exceeded its performance targets by engaging with Fluent’s unique audience and exclusive digital properties, finishing at 128% of the D7 ROI goal and 158% of the pD180 goal.

This partnership opened doors for the client to access an engaged audience with full campaign transparency every step of the way. Fluent delivered both quality and scale, driving an average of 2,500 daily installs for the client’s top gaming title.

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