Fluent Delivers 136% of Game Developer’s Retention Goal
Case Study

Fluent Delivers 136% of Game Developer’s Retention Goal Using Dynamic Optimization

Deep data analysis led to accurate targeting and efficient right-pricing in the super competitive gaming vertical



A major app developer with multiple mobile gaming titles was in growth mode and auditioning numerous performance marketing partners through its agency partner. After some test campaigns, Fluent quickly demonstrated the value and size of its community of engaged consumers and the developer initiated a direct relationship with Fluent in order to share insights and optimize campaigns in real-time.



The client set ambitious ROAS targets that were nearly three times the typical goals Fluent sees from clients in the gaming vertical. This included Day Zero ROAS goals for a game title that generates over 90% of its income with ad revenue, as well as Day 7 retention goals that required a refined audience who engaged with the game for at least a week.



Fluent began by casting a wide net with a single campaign on its rewarded Offerwall. The results were analyzed to better optimize the targeting strategy and identify which traffic sources were yielding the most ideal audiences. Fluent also received important demographic data from the client and deployed a survey to determine the types of games they individually preferred. Combining all these insights, Fluent established a Most Valuable Customer (MVC) profile to zero in on custom audience segments most likely to download and play the game.



All meaningful campaign metrics were exceeded and the campaign expanded to new markets and new game titles resulting in six concurrent campaigns tailored to custom audiences. The client scaled the campaign significantly and Fluent was able to right-price audiences for maximum efficiency.

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