Fluent Delivers Subscribers at Scale for Streaming Video Service 
Case Study

Fluent Delivers Paid Subscribers at Scale for Leading Streaming Video Service 

Fluent leverages privacy-safe data clean room to increase LTV, return on ad spend, and conversion rates



A leading video streaming service successfully partnered with Fluent for two years to drive new subscribers using 7-day free trials and other attractive offers. However, in the first half of 2023, the client’s business goals shifted from growth to profit. Customer lifetime value (LTV) replaced app downloads and Day 8 subscriptions as the primary key performance indicator. In other words, the goal was no longer only about finding new customers; it was about keeping them too



Fluent was tasked with developing a privacy-focused method for reaching an audience of consumers highly likely to commit to a straight-to-paid monthly subscription offer. To do this, the two companies needed to share customer insights that would bake efficiencies into a new performance marketing campaign.  



Fluent turned to data collaboration platform, LiveRamp, to facilitate the exchange of data insights while maintaining the highest standards of consumer privacy. Using LiveRamp’s technology, the client was able to identify their existing high-value consumers and churned subscriber profiles to unlock a more accurate and connected view of customers across channels.

With consumer privacy secured, Fluent applied its proprietary Dynamic ROAS Optimization (DRO) tool to ingest data in real time and establish matchpoints with Fluent’s audience data, mirroring the optimization practices of the major platforms and walled gardens.

From there, Fluent was able to take three critical steps: 1) Generate a suppression list that would dramatically cut down wasted ad impressions and clicks; 2) Create a lookalike audience modeled on the client’s most valuable subscribers; and 3) Recapture previously churned members using alternate messaging or marketing approaches.



These optimized campaigns significantly improved efficiency, increased reach to audiences most likely to convert, and right priced each consumer based on their alignment with the most valuable consumer profile. Click-through rate (CTR), conversion rate, and new member sign-ups skyrocketed compared to the 7-day free trial offer previously run with Fluent.

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