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Elevating Ad Relevance for Consumers Everywhere

Our innovative AI-powered platform revolutionizes connections between brands and online shoppers. Leveraging first-party data and cutting-edge AI, we deliver personalized offers throughout the customer journey across leading partner sites.

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Elevate Your Advertising with Fluent’s Advanced AI Technology

AI-Driven Ranking System +

Fluent’s AI meticulously analyzes historical data—such as clicks, conversions, age, income, location, gender, and device type—to predict user interactions with ads. This ensures optimal ad placement for maximum engagement and performance.

Effective Segmentation and Targeting +

Utilizing gradient boosting, Fluent excels in segmentation and targeting. Our models learn from past interactions, predicting which ads will resonate most with users. This results in highly relevant advertiser offers tailored to specific user groups.

Personalized Experiences +

Personalization is key at Fluent. Our machine-learning models understand each user’s unique behaviors and attributes, creating tailored advertisements. This individualized approach enhances user engagement and satisfaction.

Maximizing Results for Publishers and Advertisers +

Our models optimize click-through rates and conversion quality, identifying high-converting users for better budget allocation. This results in more relevant ads for consumers, higher conversion rates for advertisers, and increased revenue per session for our publisher partners.

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