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Case Study

How a UK-based Recipe Kit Company Supercharged their User Acquisition by 32%



With the meal kit subscription market exploding in the past few years, this UK-based recipe kit company sets itself apart with an emphasis on flavorful meals that don’t compromise affordability and flexibility.

With growing market share top of mind, the company met with Fluent to discuss ways to boost its customer acquisition strategy in the UK and improve ROAS through better targeting and customer retention.



The brand’s primary objective was centered around growth and new subscribers. Secondary to growth, the client also prioritized a 6-week retention period of new subscribers.



The client partnered with Fluent to leverage rewarded inventory as a powerful channel to add to their customer acquisition strategy.

Through Fluent’s Rewarded Inventory Solution, consisting of more than a half dozen owned properties, the client was able to get in front of millions of highly-engaged, UK-based users, many of whom were eager to discover and subscribe to the brand’s unique subscription offering.

By leveraging first-party data collected across Fluent’s owned and operated digital portfolio, achieving reach and performance was almost immediate. This also allowed the client to target a more relevant audience, positively contributing to the retention rate.

The client was able to sustain high campaign performance by accessing a range of other Fluent solutions, including direct media buying that supplemented their social media efforts without having to add to the list of third-party partners.

Lastly, the client leveraged creative testing in their rewarded inventory strategy, experimenting with a different landing page and price points to optimize and validate new approaches.



Since working directly with Fluent, the client has since had a 32% increase in sign up volume compared to working with an agency. The Fluent campaign delivered 73,500+ trial starts with an average CVR of 29.23%. Additionally, they were also able to achieve a 40% 6-week retention rate with their Rewarded Inventory campaign. The client is also set to explore adflow, Fluent’s post-transaction advertising solution in 2024 to further improve their strategy.

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