Shavekit Partners with Fluent to Drive 5x the ROAS vs. Top Social Platform
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Case Study

Shavekit Partners with Fluent to Drive 5x the ROAS vs. Top Social Platform



Founded in 2013, Shavekit is a UK-based subscription service offering high-quality razors and flexible delivery options for men and women. Looking to expand upon its growing subscriber base, the Shavekit team needed an acquisition partner to help them reach and convert new audiences with no previous exposure to the brand. 



Facing high CPAs (Cost Per Acquisition) and a lack of transparency across mainstream social channels, Shavekit sought a strategic partner to help grow its subscriber base and drive positive ROAS on a pay-for-performance basis.



Fluent leveraged its exclusive Offerwall inventory to educate consumers and generate genuine interest among trialists. To help Shavekit engage and acquire high-value customers, Fluent launched a series of placements on its Flash Rewards UK site – a mobile web experience within its proprietary digital media portfolio.Adjusting media composition and audience segmentation to help Shavekit filter out lower converting traffic, Fluent Leveraged insights like postcodes, device type, age, and gender to optimize creative and reach Shavekit’s ideal customers.



Over the course of the campaign, Fluent outperformed Shavekit’s other acquisition partners, driving 5x ROAS and reducing CPAs by 76% versus a leading social media platform. Driving quality traffic, Fluent also helped the Shavekit team reduce their zero-renewal churn rate, decreasing the number of customers who canceled or went into “past due” status before renewing by 60%. 

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