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Case Study

Meal Delivery Service Partners with Fluent to Crush CAC Targets

Cross-channel data activation drives incremental sales while reducing acquisition costs



A leading direct-to-consumer meal delivery service set out to expand its subscriber base while reducing acquisition costs. The marketing team needed a clearer understanding of which channels were making the largest contribution to the overall growth strategy in order to further refine and optimize the marketing mix.



The brand set ambitious Customer Acquisition Costs (CAC) between $100 and $150. To meet this target, the brand needed a partner with in-depth insights to prove channel profitability far beyond last-touch attribution.



By partnering with Fluent, the client was able to see new opportunities in its attribution data and expanded into a cross-channel marketing strategy. Working together, the client cross-referenced its customer database with Fluent’s first-party data to establish a Most Valuable Customer (MVC) profile. Modeling against the MVC, the client activated the data across email, paid social, display, and over 30 other channels. The client quickly saw improvements in campaign efficiency and lowered acquisition costs.



By utilizing cross-channel activation, the brand exceeded its CAC goals significantly. Email conversions led the way and nearly doubled the next biggest channel. Once the data matured, CAC numbers fell below $50. New insights allowed both parties to continuously optimize by leaning into the channels that were working to drive lasting results.

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