Five Qualities to Look for in a Post-Transaction Advertising Partner

May 24, 2024

The checkout process shouldn’t be a dead end for customer engagement. With the right post-transaction advertising partner in place, you can capitalize on this prime opportunity to forge deeper connections and unlock hidden profits.

A good post-transaction advertising partner should act as an extension of your team. They will understand your business goals and offer turnkey solutions that seamlessly integrate with your existing workflow, so you don’t have to reinvent the wheel.

In this guide, we’ll unveil the five essential qualities that define a dream post-transaction advertising partner and provide specific tips on what to look for when vetting potential partners, ensuring you find the perfect match.

1. Seamless Integration 

While venturing into commerce media might seem intimidating, post-transaction ads are designed for easy implementation. The right partner can make this process a breeze, helping you gain incremental profit on each transaction without disrupting the customer journey.

What to Look For 🔎

Partner with a company that will customize and test with you to ensure your integration is set up for success. Turnkey solutions (like those from Fluent!) should fit seamlessly into existing workflows without requiring extensive in-house capabilities or resources.

2. Transparency & Control

Brand safety is also a consideration here. Just as you wouldn’t want your brand to appear next to questionable content, you also want to avoid misalignment with the advertisers and offers featured directly on your site. 

What to Look For 🔎

While blocking advertisers at a vertical level can help filter out some of the noise, look for a partner that provides full transparency into individual advertisers and the ability to block ones that don’t align with your brand.  Ideally, you’ll also want the ability to adjust the ad module to match the look and feel of your website.

3. Next-Level Targeting

Smart targeting can be the difference between a good customer experience and a bad one. As a retailer, you likely own the relationship with your audience and have access to first-party consumer data. But the true magic happens when you can enrich these insights with data from external sources for a complete view of the customer and more precise targeting.  

What to Look For 🔎

Find a partner that uses cutting-edge technology to deliver rich audience data, all while keeping your users’ information safe. Bonus points if the partner is tapping into the power of AI and machine learning to predict user behavior and optimize ad placements based on unique behaviors and attributes. This can help you deliver highly customized experiences that foster brand loyalty.

Learn how Fluent is leveraging AI as a post-transaction advertising partner

4. Robust Reporting

Unlocking the true potential of your post-transaction media business hinges on access to real-time reporting. With insight into advertiser-level views, clicks, and revenue, you can refine your ad placements and maximize revenue per session based on what’s working.

What to Look For 🔎

Look for a partner that provides full visibility into the top-performing advertisers and session metrics. This can help you better understand your customers and the types of offers that resonate with them. From here, you can personalize the customer journey and drive continued engagement with additional ads and messaging based on their observed interests and preferences.

5. Dedicated Account Team

If you’re launching a post-transaction ad offering for the first time, a “set it and forget it” approach will do little to ensure its success. A dedicated account team is needed to not only deliver robust reporting but also analyze and act on the findings. 

What to Look For 🔎

Managed service businesses can provide the guidance and attention you need to launch your ad business. A good partner will collaborate with you to define your campaign goals and ensure they are achieved. They’ll also provide ongoing support, regularly monitoring performance and making optimizations as needed.

Case Study: A Successful Post-Transaction Advertising Partnership in Action

Without the right resources, managing post-transaction ad inventory can be challenging. When Malik Chabou, Senior Partnership Manager at Vivid Seats, and his team implemented Fluent’s post-transaction advertising solution, they found that the team’s proactive communication and keen focus on performance made the difference. 

The ability to modify advertiser offers without subsequent code updates on our end was attractive,” said Chabou. “We were able to roll out to 100% of web traffic immediately after implementing and testing. The Fluent team continued to make UI adjustments and monitor performance on our behalf to maximize conversion rates.”

Watch the video below for more on how Vivid Seats is unlocking the value of post-transaction advertising with Fluent.

Finding the Perfect Post-Transaction Advertising Partner

In business and in life, good partnerships are all about complementing each other’s strengths, anticipating one another’s needs, and maintaining clear and consistent communication. As post-transaction advertising and other commerce media ad formats continue to grow, having the right partner to help guide you through the process will be key to staying ahead of the curve.

Ready to meet your post-transaction advertising match? Contact us to learn how Fluent checks all the boxes for a successful partnership.

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