Get More From Your Ads: How Fluent’s AI Drives Smarter Targeting and Optimization

March 20, 2024

Artificial intelligence (AI) is transforming the digital advertising landscape, allowing marketers to reach their ideal customers with greater precision than was previously possible. Yet while many acquisition partners talk a big game when it comes to AI, how do these emerging targeting capabilities translate to real-world results? 

Fluent’s advanced AI-driven ranking system goes beyond basic targeting. We leverage sophisticated algorithms and machine learning to unlock a deeper understanding of your audience, delivering highly personalized ad experiences and stronger ROAS. Learn how Fluent’s AI helps fuel smarter targeting and optimization strategies for advertisers below.

Infographic: Targeting and Optimization with Fluent's AI

FAQs: A Closer Look at Fluent’s AI Capabilities

What is AI in advertising?

Artificial intelligence analyzes vast amounts of data to predict consumer behavior and gets better as it goes. This enables personalized ad content and dynamic pricing strategies for maximum impact.

How does Fluent leverage AI?

Fluent uses an advanced AI-driven ranking system. It analyzes user clicks, conversions, demographics, and device usage to predict ad interactions. This allows for next-level placement and performance optimization, ensuring your message reaches the right people at the right time.

How does Fluent’s AI contribute to more effective segmentation and targeting?

Fluent’s AI uses sophisticated machine learning models, like gradient boosting, to analyze user behavior and predict interests. This continuous learning process ensures your ads are tailored to user preferences, leading to higher engagement.

How does Fluent’s AI help maximize results for retailer partners and advertisers?

Fluent’s dual-focus optimization strategy balances click-through rates with conversion quality, identifying high-converting users. This translates to more effective ad placements, smarter budget allocation for advertisers, and higher revenue per session (RPS) for retailers.

Still curious about Fluent’s AI-powered customer acquisition and monetization solutions? Read our Q&A with Farbod Kamiab, Director of Data Science at Fluent, to learn how he and his team are helping advertisers unleash the power of AI-driven targeting and optimization strategies.

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