Moms’ Shopping Habits and Their Path to Purchase [Infographic]

May 2, 2018

As Mother’s Day approaches, cards and flowers will fly off the shelves. We will dote on our mothers and thank them for all that they do–which in large part, includes shopping for their kids.  Marketers spend a lot of time looking for the perfect formula to reach Gen Zers and Millennials, but what about the mothers who raised these younger consumers? In our latest survey of mothers with children under twelve, we examined moms’s shopping habits and the forms of advertising messages that resonate best with this group.

Almost 9 out of 10 mothers report being the primary shopper for their households, a statistic that is particularly high in lower-income families. Over half also say they make most of the parenting decisions, while just over a third share that responsibility. An overview of American mothers with children under 12 years old:

  • 12% are homemakers, while 42% work full time.
  • 40% earn under $35,000 per year and just 7% are in the $150,000+ bracket.
  • Gen Zers and Millennials make up 31% of mothers with children under 12 years old. Just over half are between 35-54

Mothers can be examined through many different lenses (as career women, sisters, mentors, and friends) but here we look at moms as consumers.

When it comes to shopping, moms value convenience and look for the most bang for their buck. About 63% of mothers have shopped online for products or services for their kids in the past twelve months, and those who shop in store want to receive information on their mobile device as they browse. 62% of moms with smartphones use shopping apps and 68% use their smartphones while they shop. Value for price also tops the list of priorities for moms shopping for their little ones; 36% of moms shop for deals to stick to a budget, while 23% say their main motivation is the thrill of saving money.

Want to learn more about moms’ shopping habits and preferences? Check out our infographic below:

Marketing to Moms Infographic