Infographic: A New Narrative for Marketing to Moms

By Ashley Chicola / February 1, 2024

With spending power that tops $2 trillion, US moms wield significant power over household purchase decisions. Yet with a clear disconnect between conventional portrayals of motherhood and the authentic, often messy reality that mothers themselves face, brands often struggle to master the art of marketing to moms.

To connect with today’s moms, marketers must shatter outdated stereotypes of perfection and embrace a more genuine, relatable representation of motherhood. The key to winning moms’ hearts and wallets is recognizing their individuality and understanding their nuanced roles within their families.

See below for our TL;DR on marketing messages that resonate with moms, or scroll for the full infographic with tips for empowering moms’ purchase decisions:

  • As caretakers and breadwinners, moms bear a majority of responsibility for household duties and spending. 
  • Moms say it’s important for brands to portray them realistically, but more than half believe businesses miss the mark.
  • Above all else, moms want to see advertising messaging that showcases authentic depictions of motherhood.
Marketing to Moms Infographic

Brands hold the power to redefine the narrative surrounding motherhood. Download the full infographic to elevate your strategy for marketing to moms here.

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