Rewardify Exceeds ROAS Goals by 30% with Fluent’s UA Solutions for Mobile Gaming

June 15, 2022
Rewardify Case Study


Rewardify is a California-based mobile gaming developer with free-to-play app titles. Building app
experiences with real-money earning potential, Rewardify allows players to enjoy their favorite
casual genres, such as match-3 and word puzzles, with the ability to win cash via sweepstakes and skill-based daily challenges.


Since inception, Rewardify has aimed to create the most trusted real money apps in the ultra-competitive free-to-play mobile gaming market. However, restrictions across major social platforms limited the Rewardify team’s ability to achieve its user acquisition (UA) goals.

Seeking to diversify its growth strategy outside of mainstream social and video channels, Rewardify
needed to find a scalable solution to drive strong engagement and retention for its Match to Win, Words to Win, and Lucky Match titles.


To help Rewardify reach its target audience , Fluent launched cost per install (CPI) campaigns across two of its proprietary media properties – The Smart Wallet (TSW) and Flash Rewards. Offering simple solutions for consumers to earn, win, and save money, Fluent’s properties were a natural fit from an audience alignment perspective.

The Smart Wallet

Inventory Type: Listicle Placements and Standalone Article

Fluent created custom content pieces to highlight Rewardify’s in-game features, educate consumers on the cash redemption process, and ultimately – drive installs.

Over the course of the campaign, Fluent tested media sources such as social media, paid search, and influencers to deliver quality traffic to Rewardify’s app offerings.

Partnering closely with the Rewardify team, Fluent also created a dynamic bidding system based on article performance, helping to increase quality, mitigate costs, and drive positive ROAS.

Flash Rewards

Inventory Type: Rewarded Offer Wall Placements (Mobile Web and App)

To help consumers discover Rewardify’s app titles, Fluent launched a series of offer placements across its marquee Flash Rewards app and mobile web experience.

Beyond driving app installs, Fluent also focused on downstream actions, rewarding users for continuous gameplay and engagement.

Optimizing for in-app purchase rates and level completion progression, Fluent continuously adjusted media composition and audience segmentation to help Rewardify reach its ideal users.

“Outside of basic optimization practices, the largest driver of success with Fluent has been communication with the team. Being able to dive deep, pivot, and pull back on spend or strategies has been keen to our success and relationship. This has been tremendously important when the Fluent team has presented opportunities to test and scale, as we both know we will watch closely each step of the way.“ – Dan Brosseau, Director of User Acquisition, Rewardify


Fluent enabled Rewardify to reach its target demographic across a mix of content, mobile web, and mobile app inventory, exceeding Rewardify’s day 0 ROAS goals by 23%, day 1 benchmarks by 20%, and ultimately surpassing its day 30 target on iOS by a full 30%.

Leveraging first-party consumer insights to inform targeting strategy and optimizations, Fluent also drove a 650% quarter-over-quarter increase in total installs via TSW, allowing Rewardify to grow its user base by a total of nearly 118K new users across both campaigns in Q4 2021.

Overall, Fluent’s performance pricing model empowered the Rewardify team to test new media channels and offer placements, gather actionable insights, and acquire highly engaged users.

Download the case study PDF with creative examples here.

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