Fluent Ranks As a Top Acquisition Partner in the 2024 Singular ROI Index

March 7, 2024

For the fourth consecutive year, Fluent has been recognized as a leading mobile user acquisition partner in the 2024 Singular ROI Index. This prestigious ranking is based on an analysis of trillions of ad impressions and billions of clicks and installs, making it a true testament to our expertise in the mobile UA space.

Analyzing metrics like retention, click-to-install counts, and return on investment (ROI), Singular prioritizes networks that demonstrate scale in both spend and number of clients. This year we’ve secured top spots on both the ROI and retention lists for Android, including:

  • ROI Index – Top 25 globally for both gaming and overall
  • Retention Index – Top 15 globally and in North America

What Does This Mean for App Marketers?

While acquiring new users is crucial for any app, the true measure of success lies in ROI and retention. By measuring the percentage of users who stick around after the initial download, you gain valuable insights into user engagement and loyalty. These metrics are critical for driving long-term revenue through in-app purchases, subscriptions, and other down-funnel actions.

That’s where Fluent comes in. As a leading user acquisition partner, we help app marketers think beyond the install to unlock sustainable growth. Our secret weapon? We use our dynamic ROAS optimization technology to identify and deliver personalized offers that resonate with your target audience. This leads to meaningful connections, increased engagement, and most importantly – long-term profitability for your app.

Case Study: Exceeding ROI & Retention Goals

Being named a top acquisition partner is one thing, but seeing results is everything. Recently, a leading mobile game developer partnered with Fluent to boost installs, LTV, and ROAS for their top game. Up against market saturation and targeting challenges, we successfully delivered:

  • 128%+ on the D7 ROAS goal
  • 158% on the 180 day predictive goal
  • 225K quarterly installs across Android and iOS devices

To learn how we exceeded our client’s ROI and retention goals, check out the case study below.

ROI Case Study

Elevate Your Mobile UA Strategy with Fluent 

We are honored and proud to be recognized among such a diverse and competitive list of leaders in the mobile landscape. Leveraging our mobile web ad inventory and proprietary data and technology, we deliver incremental growth solutions that not only help app marketers acquire new users but also foster loyalty.

Connect with a Fluent expert here and learn how we can help you achieve positive ROI and long-term retention for your mobile app today.