Fluent Unveils “Dynamic ROAS Optimization” Tool to Automate Campaign Efficiencies on the Open Web

September 12, 2023

Optimization is great, but automated optimization is better. That’s why Fluent recently launched its cutting-edge “Dynamic ROAS Optimization” (DRO) tool. Read on to learn more about this game-changer for mobile marketers targeting audiences on the open web.

What is Dynamic ROAS Optimization? 

What is dynamic ROAS optimization?

Since it was founded,  Fluent has strived to optimize performance marketing campaigns for its clients. While the process was once very manual, seamless integrations with Mobile Measurement Partners (MMPs) now enable Fluent to ingest conversion data and optimize in real time.

By integrating new optimization strategies across alternative user acquisition (UA) channels like Fluent’s Offerwall and performance content, all technically eligible clients can harness campaign efficiencies typically associated with walled gardens and apply them to the open web.

Why Did Fluent Launch This Tool?

The road to Dynamic ROAS Optimization began in 2013 with the introduction of Fluent’s Most Valuable Customer (MVC) analysis. Working in partnership with top clients, Fluent aimed at identifying consumer profiles with higher purchase probabilities.

Initially a manual process, Fluent analyzed customer data to uncover the attributes of High-Lifetime Value (LTV) customers. With the introduction of DRO, the process is now automated, opening up new targeting opportunities and right-pricing to all technically eligible mobile game developers.

How Does Dynamic ROAS Optimization Work? 

Dynamic ROAS Optimization leverages downstream events to optimize ad placements, similar to media buys on platforms like Google and Facebook. As the system accumulates data, it learns and develops automated recommendations, eliminating the need for manual intervention.

Key Features:

  • Uses real-time data ingestion to enable immediate optimizations
  • Harnesses the optimization capabilities of walled gardens and applies them on the open web
  • Improves core metrics such as ROAS and purchase behavior
  • Helps advertisers achieve their ideal price point relative to consumer value
See how a leading streaming service leveraged dynamic roas optimization to drive paid subscribers at scale.

What’s in it for Advertisers? 

Fluent’s DRO tool improves core metrics such as ROAS, purchase behavior, and overall user value while aiding clients in achieving their ideal price point relative to consumer value. Fluent’s commitment to continuous innovation has led to the development of a sophisticated system capable of modeling on the fly.

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