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Enhance your omnichannel strategy with opted-in & privacy-safe data

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Reach your ideal customer with data you can trust

Fluent’s robust database of over 250 million opted-in US consumer profiles empowers marketers
to build their own first-party data assets and reach high-value audiences across channels and devices.


Fluent’s data ranks #1 for quality and accuracy across 8 key attributes in the Q4 2022 Truthset Truthscore™ Index


Volunteered via consumer surveys, data is registration-based, and never reliant on third-party cookies


Consumers provide explicit opt-ins, making data fully compliant with the latest privacy requirements

Audience Solutions

Fluent’s custom and syndicated audience segments provide full addressability and meaningful scale in a cookieless world. Leverage declared and modeled audiences to connect with your target customers across omnichannel marketing initiatives.

Declared Audiences

Sourced from Fluent’s first-party data asset, segments are built deterministically across categories like health and pharma, politics, demographics, and more.

Modeled Audiences

Built from Fluent’s first-party seed audiences and modeled via the TransUnion TruAudience® Platform, segments unlock scalable audiences of likely converters.

Ideal for marketers interested in:

  • Programmatic targeting
  • Social media targeting
  • CTV targeting
  • Data licensing

First-Party Data Solutions

Fluent helps brands get closer to their most valued customers, building exclusive first-party data assets through one-to-one connections. Leveraging email as an identifier, Fluent delivers opted-in profiles that can be used for targeting and measurement across the entire customer journey.

  • Build first-party data assets that are customizable by attributes like brand preferences, demographics, and more.
  • Activate data for targeting across programmatic, connected TV, email, and social.
  • Establish KPIs and customize a program and pricing model that align with business goals.

Ideal for marketers interested in:

  • First-party profiles
  • Cross-channel targeting
  • Personalization
  • Competitive conquesting

Upholding data privacy and integrity

We partner with several of the industry’s leading organizations and platform providers to help advertisers activate their data assets in a privacy-safe, consumer-first way.

Activation Platforms

Target verified audiences for paid media efforts:


Use consumer intent to build marketing segments: