Webinar: The Keys to SMS Marketing Success in 2023

March 14, 2023

Recently, Fluent’s Senior Manager of CRM, Sharita Passariello, appeared as a special guest on “The Keys to SMS Marketing Success in 2023,” hosted by Plivo, a leading cloud communications platform. Plivo invited Sharita to share her experience helping clients meet their messaging campaign goals. Watch the recording on demand here

Sharita was joined by Plivo Head of Product Marketing, Tony Graham. Together they discussed the benefits of SMS as a powerful tool for engaging consumers beyond just text messaging – an approach critical to Fluent’s success. With a robust database of over 250 million opted-in US consumer profiles, Fluent relies on partners like Plivo to deliver seamless communications and reengage users.

While SMS campaigns can be complex, constant management and flexibility with new technical standards can help marketers keep their strategy on track. In the video, Sharita discusses taking a multicloud approach to CPaaS, navigating the new 10DLC standard, and her plans to expand SMS operations in 2023. Watch now or learn more about Fluent’s partnership with Plivo here.