Fluent Ranked as Top Media Source in Latest Singular ROI Index

February 11, 2021
Singular ROI Index

Appearing on Singular’s annual ROI Index for the first time ever, Fluent ranked among the top overall global ROI leaders and was named a top global ROI leader in the gaming category. As an objective ranking of top media sources, Singular’s ROI Index is based on 10 billion dollars in ad spend and nearly 3 billion in app installs. Spanning 27 lists, the index ranks ad networks, platforms, and mobile marketing players based on criteria like spend, reach, fraud rates, ROI, and retention.

According to Susan Kuo, COO & Co-Founder at Singular:

“What powers our ROI Index is that Singular sees both sides of the equation: ad spend and revenue. On the one hand, we see what every MMPs sees: the outputs of marketing campaigns, the conversions. But on the other hand, we also see what most other MMPs don’t: the inputs into those marketing campaigns. That means costs, creatives, targeting criteria, bids, budgets, and more. Combining those datasets for our customers results in deeper insights into future growth, and for readers of the ROI Index it means a reliable analysis of the top ROI-driving ad networks in the world.”

Now let’s dive deeper into what these rankings mean and why they’re important for app marketers.

Why ROI Matters for Your Mobile UA Campaign 

ROI is the true barometer of a mobile user acquisition campaign’s success. If the cost of acquiring a new user outweighs the overall worth of that user [think revenue streams they generate], then adjustments must be made to ensure a positive return on investment. For app marketers, an effective targeting strategy leads to quality traffic, better conversion rates, and higher lifetime value (LTV). Once key performance indicators that contribute to LTV are established – including post-install events and in-app-purchase rates – app marketers can then continue to deploy targeting and optimization strategies around their highest-performing audience segments and traffic sources. 

Fluent’s Role as a Global ROI Leader 

So Fluent has been named a global ROI leader, but what does that mean for the app developers and publishers we work with? At Fluent, we leverage our survey technology to gather first-party insights from opted-in consumers. We then use those insights to match users with the apps that most closely match their needs and interests. For example, if a user explicitly tells us “I don’t play games on my phone” or “I’m not interested in mobile gaming” they will never see an ad for a mobile game. In this way, we help to drive qualified traffic to our partners’ offers, ultimately increasing conversion rates and ensuring continued loyalty and engagement beyond the install. 

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What Makes Fluent a “Hidden Gem” on iOS? 

In addition to its inclusion on two Global ROI Leaders lists, Fluent was also named a “hidden gem” on iOS in Singular’s latest index. Since Apple banned apps from running on in-app offerwalls — a type of ad unit that incentivizes users to download and engage with other apps — back in 2019, rewarded installs have been hard to come by for iOS developers. While CPA (cost per action) offerwall campaigns were not impacted by Apple’s crackdown, publishers relying heavily on CPI (cost per install) and/or CPE (cost per engagement) offers for monetization lost a major revenue source.

On the flip side, iOS publishers that leveraged in-app offerwalls as part of their user acquisition strategy were left in search of a new growth channel for their app. In the wake of Apple’s new policy, Fluent helps to bridge the gap for iOS publishers and developers looking to drive rewarded installs at scale. Offering access to proprietary mobile web inventory, Fluent provides targeted campaign opportunities outside of the in-app environment. 

Enhance Your Mobile UA Strategy with Fluent 

We are honored and proud to make our debut on Singular’s latest ROI Index. As we strive to evolve from “hidden gem” status to a household name, this recognition is reflective of our continued efforts to become an industry leader and trusted partner in the mobile user acquisition space. If you want to learn more about how Fluent can help you drive positive ROI and growth for your mobile app, connect with us here