Industry Experts Forecast the Future of Commerce Media at CES

January 19, 2024

High on top of the Bellagio Hotel, Fluent hosted an exclusive adflow event featuring a panel of commerce media experts at CES 2024. Each joined us to share individual views and predictions for the future of commerce media as we step into the new year.

Offering perspectives from the agency, retail, and data sides of the business, the panel featured Sir Martin Sorrell, Chairman of the Board at S4 Capital, Susan Rothwell, Chief Revenue Officer at Epsilon, Josh Winkler SVP, Global Partnerships Solutions at Fanatics, and Jay Askinasi, CEO at PMX US

Watch the full video of the event below or jump to our takeaways for a recap.

The Future of Commerce Media: Key Takeaways

In this lively session, the experts gathered to discuss budget trends and shifts in 2024, the rise of non-endemic advertisers in retail media, and how AI will impact growth across the commerce media ecosystem. Read on for more highlights.

Digital Advertising, Simplified (6:15)

Not too long ago, ad revenue was split between numerous broadcast and cable networks, print, radio, digital, and outdoor. But today, 65% of all advertising dollars go to the digital space. And of that, Meta, Amazon, Google, Tencent, and Alibaba are commanding most of the spend. With the consolidation of budgets, advertising is getting simpler, not more complicated. 

Retail’s AI Revolution Has Arrived (8:03)

The rise of AI could not have come at a better time for commerce media. AI is creating efficiencies around creative and copywriting, driving hyper-personalization across retail media placements, transforming media buying and planning, and leading to the democratization of knowledge within marketing organizations.

Non-Endemic Brands Enter the Fold (13:36)

Retail media networks offer advertisers a high-quality, brand-safe alternative to the hit-or-miss quality observed across programmatic inventory. While most of the brands investing in this space are currently endemic, education will be key to reinforcing the value of first-party data and audiences to non-endemic brands.

Attribution Wins Ad Dollars (23:47)

Spending with retail media networks is up, but advertising budgets are not increasing to accommodate the increase. Traditional television revenue declined 10-14% in 2023, and most experts anticipate similar drops in 2024. Amidst these changes, spending will continue shifting to channels like retail media that yield true attribution and measurable results.

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