User Acquisition with customer journey | Guide to Subscription


Customer Journey

As marketers in the ever-evolving subscription industry, the pursuit of acquiring and retaining customers is relentless. The customer journey has become an integral focus as brands aim to deliver not just a product or service, but an experience that establishes long-term relationships with consumers. Within this landscape, the concept of user acquisition holds paramount importance, as it directly contributes to the growth and sustainability of subscription-based businesses. In this context, post-transaction advertising solutions play a pivotal role, facilitating brands to expand their acquisition strategy and enabling publishers to tap into new revenue streams with personalized offers at the moment of purchase.

The Customer Journey

In the realm of user acquisition, knowing the customer journey is fundamental. It encompasses the entire process that a potential customer goes through, from the initial awareness of a product or service to the final decision to make a purchase. The customer journey in the subscription industry is especially complex, often involving multiple touchpoints and interactions before a prospect becomes a paying customer. This journey typically includes awareness, consideration, conversion, and retention stages, each requiring unique strategies and tactics to successfully guide the customer through the sales funnel.

Appreciating the intricacies of the customer journey is essential for effective user acquisition. Marketers must identify the various touchpoints and channels where potential customers interact with their brand. This knowledge allows for the optimization of marketing efforts to engage with prospects at the right time and place, ultimately guiding them towards conversion and beyond.

Challenges in User Acquisition

The subscription industry presents particular challenges in user acquisition due to the recurring nature of the business model. Unlike traditional one-time purchases, subscriptions require continuous engagement with customers to ensure ongoing retention and revenue generation. This necessitates a holistic approach to user acquisition, encompassing not only the initial conversion but also strategies for retaining and upselling existing customers.

Additionally, the competitive landscape in the subscription industry demands innovative and compelling methods to capture the attention of potential subscribers. With an abundance of options available to consumers, brands must differentiate themselves and offer compelling value propositions to stand out in a crowded market. The ability to effectively convey the benefits of a subscription while addressing consumer concerns is crucial in acquiring and retaining customers.

The Role of Post-transaction Advertising in User Acquisition

Post-transaction advertising solutions, such as those offered by Fluent, provide a powerful means for brands and advertisers to enhance their user acquisition efforts. By leveraging personalized offers and messaging at the moment of purchase, brands can capitalize on the heightened attention and intent of customers, maximizing the impact of their marketing initiatives.

These solutions enable brands to present targeted and relevant advertisements to consumers immediately following a transaction. This provides an opportunity to cross-promote related products or services, offer exclusive deals and promotions, and drive additional value from the customer’s initial purchase. By integrating post-transaction advertising into their acquisition strategy, brands can not only increase immediate sales but also establish a foundation for ongoing engagement and retention.

Expanding Acquisition Strategy and Tapping into New Revenue Streams

For subscription-based businesses, post-transaction advertising presents a unique opportunity to expand their acquisition strategy. By reaching customers at a moment of proven interest and commitment, brands can effectively cross-promote additional subscription tiers, loyalty programs, or complementary products, driving incremental sign-ups and revenue. Furthermore, the ability to tailor offers based on a customer’s transaction history and preferences allows for highly personalized and compelling marketing messages.

From the publisher’s perspective, post-transaction advertising solutions open new avenues for monetization by facilitating partnerships with brands and advertisers. Publishers can harness the checkout experience as a valuable advertising real estate, creating an additional revenue stream while enhancing the overall customer experience. This mutually beneficial arrangement creates an ecosystem where brands can capitalize on targeted exposure, and publishers can realize incremental revenue without intruding on the user experience.


In the dynamic landscape of the subscription industry, user acquisition remains a critical focal point for marketers. The customer journey serves as a guiding framework for knowing and engaging potential subscribers, while post-transaction advertising solutions offer a compelling means to enhance acquisition strategies and tap into new revenue streams. By leveraging the moment of purchase to deliver personalized offers and messaging, brands and publishers can collaboratively drive meaningful engagement, fostering lasting customer relationships and sustainable business growth.