Webinar: How Commerce Media is Transforming Digital Advertising by Closing the Attribution Loop

July 13, 2023

Commerce Media – such as retail media networks and post-transactional advertising – could offer just what advertisers have been looking for since the first ad was ever chiseled into a rock: real attribution. 

In the latest webinar from AdAge, Sabiha Tudesco, VP of Business Development at Fluent, joined Nicolette Hawks, VP of Growth Strategy, Commerce Media at Night Market, and Jerry Sommerville, VP of Activation, Search, Social & Programmatic, at Quigley-Simpson, to discuss the rise of this channel and the challenges that still hold it back.

Watch the webcast on-demand here, or check out our key takeaways below. 

Key Takeaways

Standardization will pave the way for better measurement.

Closing the loop between impressions and purchases, commerce media has the potential to usher in a new era of accountability – but only if the industry can agree on a standardized measurement framework to evaluate performance.

First-party data shines as the crown jewel of commerce media.

This channel teases access to first-party data, though retailers are not always willing to share this precious asset. Using data clean rooms for 1:1 matching is one way brands and retailers can overcome this obstacle while protecting consumers’ privacy.

We’re all new here – now is the time to test and learn. 

Commerce media is still the wild west, and an adoption curve will be inevitable as the landscape evolves. For advertisers, testing different placements – like post-transactional ad inventory – will be key to identifying the channels with the greatest returns. 

If you want to learn how Fluent can help your brand leverage the power of this emerging channel, get in touch with us here.