Video: Revving Up Mobile Growth with Alternative UA Channels

June 15, 2023
MAU Panel Recap

Competition is fierce, fraud is prevalent, and once lofty user acquisition (UA) budgets are under strict scrutiny. So how can mobile marketers rise above these obstacles to drive profitable growth? Willis Nelson, Sr. Director of Revenue, Mobile Apps at Fluent, set out to answer this question and more in a panel titled Revving Up Mobile Growth With Alternative UA Channels at MAU Vegas 2023. 

Dana Melamede, UA Team Lead at Playtika, Brett Patterson, Director of UA at Influence Mobile, and Levi Matkins, CEO at LifeStreet, joined us on stage to discuss how mobile marketers can leverage alternative UA channels to drive new users and meet their ROAS goals. Check out our key takeaways from their conversation, or jump below to watch the complete session on demand.

Profitability takes priority

The mobile gaming industry has “grown up” over the past five years, shifting from a focus on growth to profitability. When faced with higher expectations around ad spend, a diversified media mix is helping companies like Playtika become more resilient. By testing new channels and inventory, mobile marketers are expanding beyond the walled gardens to reach incremental audiences and drive high LTV users.

Incent is in vogue 

As economic pressures continue to rise, consumers will have less disposable income to spend on games. Patterson predicts incentives will become more prevalent in UA as consumers look for deals and ways to earn extra cash. What’s more – rewarded apps and incent traffic allow mobile marketers to gain greater control over the user journey, helping to influence down-funnel engagement via rewarded in-app events.

All eyes on AI

The impact of AI was top of mind for the panelists as they shared recent changes to their growth strategies. Matkins believes generative AI will allow for cost efficiencies and more personalization in games and ads. Malmede admits her biggest challenge will be learning to “trust in the machines” and lean into a new algorithm-based campaign approach. 

Watch the full video for more insights. Or connect with us here to learn how Fluent can help you drive profitable growth for your mobile app.