Ryan Schulke of Fluent on the Value of App-to-Web Campaigns

September 11, 2023

Fluent partners with companies like LifeStreet, a leading programmatic marketing platform, to drive highly engaged users to its portfolio of owned and operated mobile web properties via app-to-web campaigns.

Ryan Schulke, Co-Founder & Chief Strategy Officer at Fluent, recently sat down with our partners at LifeStreet to discuss the value of app-to-web campaigns and why it’s important for brands to invest in alternative user acquisition (UA) channels.

Check out some highlights from the interview below, or read the full Q&A here.

The Case for Tapping into Mobile Channels

Brands that don’t have an app of their own shouldn’t discount the power of app-to-web campaigns. Mobile ad inventory offers an opportunity to reach highly targeted and engaged audiences that may not be accessible across other channels.

Best Practices for Mobile App-to-Web Campaigns

Consistency in design and messaging can help create a more seamless transition from the app-to-web experience. Beyond creative aspects, proper integration with a DSP and accurate attribution are also critical for success.

The Value of Diversifying Your UA Strategy

Whether you’re leveraging app-to-web campaigns or web-to-app inventory, it’s important to diversify your UA strategy. Investing in channels outside the walled gardens leads to greater transparency into performance metrics and more effective targeting.

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