Podcast: Unlocking “Alt UA” Channels with Fluent Co-Founder, Matt Conlin

July 6, 2023

In the latest episode of Singular’s Growth Masterminds Podcast, Matt Conlin, Chief Customer Officer at Fluent, joins John Koetsier, VP of Insights at Singular, to discuss best practices for exploring “alternative” UA channels outside of the typical in-app ads and SDK networks. 

Listen to the full recording below or jump to our key takeaways for a quick recap.

Alt UA Channels: Key Takeaways

Ad blindness is real. (06:10)

You don’t find new audiences by knocking on the same door again and again. Over-saturating the in-app audience only leads to ad blindness and diminishing returns.

Context matters. (12:10)

Alternative channels will help you reach casual gamers and newcomers who spend a far greater amount of their online time on the open web.  

Diversification for the win. (09:24)

Rewarded campaigns, influencer partnerships, editorial content, and even post-transaction ad inventory are some alternative UA channels to help round out a “surround sound” UA marketing strategy.

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