Partner Spotlight: Q&A with Cadent 

February 16, 2023

In our new partner spotlight series, we’re highlighting the partners that help the Fluent engine run – and our clients succeed. From mobile measurement to data activation, check out the industry leaders that are shaping the trajectory of the digital advertising ecosystem. First up? Meet Cadent, a company paving the way for better targeting and measurement across advanced TV marketing initiatives.

About Cadent

As the largest independent platform for advanced TV advertising, Cadent provides marketers, agencies, operators, and media owners with data-driven solutions for buying and selling TV ads. By connecting brands with opportunities across national inventory sources – cable, broadcast, and OTT – Cadent’s technology boosts the results of linear, addressable, and cross-screen campaigns.

Q&A with Cadent

Jason Attanasio Headshot

Jason Attanasio, Sr. Director of Business Development at Cadent, shares his predictions for the future of data privacy, and what new regulations will mean for connected TV advertising in the coming year.

Looking Back

What was the biggest game changer when it came to ad targeting in 2022?

“I don’t think it’s possible to talk about shifts in the ad targeting landscape and not mention state privacy regulations. California, Virginia, Colorado, Connecticut, and Utah all passed comprehensive data privacy laws that come online at various points throughout 2023. These, along with more focused privacy regulations already live in Nevada and Maine, are creating a puzzle of disparate regulations that marketers and tech players must solve.”

Looking Ahead

What are your predictions for the future of data privacy in the coming year? Are you expecting any big changes or more of the same in 2023?

“Expect more of the same in 2023…which is to say: EXPECT CHANGES. At least until the federal government steps up and creates a national privacy framework. We will have to wait and see how the rule-making process for the new state privacy regs shakes out, and just how much enforcement muscle the states put behind them, to truly gauge their impact on the marketplace. It’s safe to say these [California, Colorado, Connecticut, Maine, Nevada, Utah, and Virginia] won’t be the last states to pass their own privacy laws.”

As new regulatory measures take effect, companies must recalibrate their approach to data privacy. The good news? When brands get it right, consumers take notice. According to a study from Ketch and Magna, 87% of US consumers see a positive impact on their relationships with brands that demonstrate responsible data practices.

What trends do you expect to see with data usage in connected TV advertising this year?

“The increased importance of measurement. A lot has been made about alternative buying currencies to Nielsen over the last 2 years, which will continue in ’23, but an uncertain economy and the looming “is it or is it not a recession” will bring increased scrutiny to the value of ad dollars being spent. GRPs and clicks are no longer good enough for many marketers, so they will want to know how their spend is driving tangible business outcomes. This will accelerate the lean-in to clean room solutions for big brands and agencies that want to bring measurement under their control in a more holistic way. It will also increase the importance of campaign-level attribution as brands try to home in on what is helping them sell, and to optimize their media spend accordingly.”

CTV viewership crossed a milestone in 2022, reaching over two-thirds (67%) of the US population. And while growth is slowing considerably, by the end of 2026 eMarketer projects 7 in 10 people in the US will be CTV users. Seeking to capture the attention of this growing audience, US advertisers will spend $26.92 billion on CTV ads in 2023 alone, accounting for 10.2% of total video ad spending. 

In what ways has the industry made progress toward a cookieless future? Where is there still room to innovate in 2023?

“The demise of the cookie is coming, though maybe not as quickly as advertised – don’t be shocked to see cookie deprecation postponed for yet another year. But, if the industry doesn’t kill the cookie, consumer media consumption habits will. The ubiquity of smartphones, tablets, and connected gaming consoles and the rapid proliferation of smart TVs and streaming devices means that more of our media consumption is happening in device-based ecosystems, inherently decreasing the value of the cookie. Advertisers who lean into these cross-screen environments and forge strong relationships with identity resolution partners – who can help them bring these fragmented ecosystems together into a holistic media strategy – were the winners in ’22 and that will only continue as we move into 2023.”

The decline of third-party cookies has given rise to dozens of alternative tools to help marketers reach and engage consumers. With a myriad of options to choose from and an increasingly fragmented media ecosystem, the question remains – which alternate identifiers will best support cross-channel measurement and attribution in a cookieless world?

About Our Partnership

We launched our partnership with Cadent in April 2022, making our Fluent audience segments available for activation via the Cadent Aperture Audience Data Marketplace. Here are just a few of the ways advertisers can leverage Fluent segments through Cadent:

  • Addressable TV: Achieve household level targeting among cable or satellite subscribers as they watch traditional TV.
  • Data-Driven Linear: Plan traditional linear media efforts using Fluent data to identify the programs, networks, and dayparts that index against a target audience.
  • OTT & CTV: Target cord cutters through Connected TV and OTT streaming services across devices.
  • Premium Digital Video: Access premium video inventory bought through existing digital channels.
  • Measurement: Understand and validate reach and performance against key audience segments.

Learn more about the Cadent Aperture Platform here and get in touch to start leveraging Fluent audience segments for your advanced TV marketing initiatives today.