Infographic: Vibe Check on Gen Z Shoppers

By Ashley Chicola / November 27, 2023

Coming of age amidst economic instability and social change, Gen Zers are financially savvy and purpose-driven shoppers. With over $450 billion in spending power, they present a massive opportunity for brands eager to win new customers and unlock additional revenue. To capture their attention – and share of wallet – advertisers must first learn where and how to reach Gen Z shoppers. See below for the TL;DR, or scroll down for the full infographic with tips for marketing to Gen Z.

  • They increasingly turn to social platforms like TikTok and Instagram to discover new products.
  • They value authenticity and are most likely to trust product recommendations from creators and ordinary social users.
  • They want to connect with brands on their own terms and receive personalized messaging via email and SMS.
Vibe Check on Gen Z Shoppers Infographic

Looking for more tricks and tips for reaching Gen Z shoppers? We’ve got you covered.

  • Download the full infographic with added insights here.
  • Get the tea on typical Gen Z behavior and Internet slang here.
  • Learn more about Gen Z’s media consumption and shopping habits here.

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