Infographic: Gen Z’s Holiday Shopping Habits & What They Mean for Advertisers

December 9, 2021
Gen Z's Holiday Shopping Habits

Move over millennials – Gen Z’s holiday shopping habits are the ones to watch this festive season. With an estimated collective buying power that is nearing $150 billion and projected to grow significantly in the next 3 years, Gen Z is emerging as an influential audience with its own unique set of buying behaviors and brand expectations.

Surveying over 14K Americans, we partnered with our friends at AdParlor to help advertisers better understand what this generation cares about, when and where they plan to shop, and which channels they go to for gift inspiration. The findings reveal the importance of a robust omnichannel strategy in reaching and engaging this in-demand audience across the right channels and devices.

Key Insights: Gen Z’s Holiday Shopping Habits

  • As financially savvy shoppers, Gen Zers prioritize deals and flexible payment options over factors like timely delivery and product availability. 
  • Gen Zers are using their mobile devices to discover new products, with 32% making purchases directly within their favorite social media platforms. 
  • While TikTok is the most popular destination for product discovery among Gen Zers, 38% look to platforms like YouTube for longer-form content. 
Gen Z's Holiday Shopping Habits

Download the full infographic here to help inform your 2022 strategy and planning, and check out the Fluent Pulse for additional consumer insights and recommendations. And if you want to learn how Fluent can help you reach and engage Gen Zers for your next marketing campaign, connect with us today to get started!