Commerce Media at the Tipping Point: 2024 Retailer, Agency, & Brand Outlook

March 11, 2024

In January 2024, Fluent surveyed brands, agencies, retailers, and media companies to get their outlook on one of the fastest-growing areas of digital advertising – commerce media and retail media networks (RMNs).

Commerce media is well-positioned to solve for third-party cookie deprecation and shifting consumer habits all while improving attribution, measurement, and targeting. While the pieces are in place for online retailers to benefit from the billions of dollars flowing into this channel, these businesses are new to the advertising game. To succeed, they must first learn how to become reliable media partners to brands while also protecting the customer experience.

It will take time, investment, hiring, and training to get all stakeholders on the same page. This survey of the AdExchanger audience offers demand- and supply-side perspectives from marketing professionals across industry verticals. The findings reveal their challenges, intentions, and strategies in the commerce media space for the remainder of 2024 and beyond.

The “Commerce Media Outlook” report provides insights into:

  • Current and anticipated investment levels in commerce media and RMNs
  • The top priorities and opportunities unique to brands, agencies, retailers, and media companies
  • Insights into the impact of commerce media on the customer experience

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