Roku looks to alleviate advertisers’ OTT pain points via Adobe partnership


Frequency capping is one of advertising’s biggest hurdles to overcome in the OTT space, which is still rudimentary despite its potential to offer a more sophisticated ad experience when lined up alongside traditional TV.

Marketers continue to run into challenges when adapting to an OTT media plan, also citing issues such as incongruous formatting and resolution that have arisen from a lack of standardization across the board.

Brian Hogan, president of Fluent Programmatic, believes the deal speaks to two driving forces in the industry.

“The move to place a greater emphasis on improving the consumer experience as consumers’ expectations are greater than ever before,” he told The Drum. “Secondly, in an effort to create better experiences, marketers are looking to move away from using third-party data in search of better quality. The ability to increasingly use first-party data enables marketers to accomplish both goals.”

Scott Rosenberg, general manager of platform business at Roku, said the partnership would not only provide Adobe’s clients with a “seamless way to activate their data” but would allow them to reach cable-cutting audiences who have changed their viewing habits.

Roku boasts 27m active accounts, meaning the Adobe partnership is one of the first times programmatic, targeted advertising has been brought to a substantial TV audience. Modernizing the media buying experience in the realm of TV is a point of interest for Adobe, which released a report on the subject yesterday (25 March) to time with the 2019 iteration of its international summit in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The Saas brand also announced a partnership with Pandora that will give advertisers access to the audio streaming service’s full audio, video and display inventory, with the potential to reach 120 million listeners.

Over-the-top (OTT) provider Roku has partnered with Adobe in order to clean up its programmatic offering, namely improving campaign scale, frequency and measurement tools for marketers.

The partnership will allow advertisers using Adobe’s Advertising Cloud, Audience Manager and Analytics products to mesh their customer’s information with Roku’s first-party data and thus segment and target TV audiences with greater precision.

The partnership will allow for targeted automated media buys, as well as click-through and conversion tracking. Marketers will also be able to manage the frequency at which their ads are displayed, while better targeting should also – in theory – solve the problem of an ad repeating over and over to the same consumer.

Originally posted on The Drum