Fluent, Inc. Launches Infuse Influencer Platform to Unlock New Customer Acquisition Opportunities for Advertisers


Leading brands leverage the trusted voice of nano- and micro-influencers to reach untapped audiences with Infuse

NEW YORK, Aug. 22, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Fluent, Inc. (NASDAQ: FLNT), a leading performance marketing company, today announced the launch of Infuse, a proprietary influencer platform designed to help brands reach incremental audiences through the trusted voices of creators.

Led by a team of influencer marketing veterans, Infuse connects brands with a growing community of creators, influencers, and affiliates eager to promote exclusive brand offers. Streamlining the partnership process from start to finish, Infuse allows creators to discover and join campaigns while working in lockstep with brands to achieve their ROAS goals.

“Fluent’s strategic investment in the influencer space enables advertisers to unlock new audiences, capitalizing on the popularity of channels like TikTok and Instagram to reach younger demographics,” said Cayla Gallo, VP of Growth at Fluent. “Leveraging the trust and loyalty creators have built with their followers, advertisers are able to access highly engaged audiences with strong lifetime value.”

With Infuse, advertisers can tap into Fluent’s vast network of over 5,000 micro- and nano-influencers to expand their reach, selecting partners based on geo, platforms, network demographics, and more. Fluent’s proprietary influencer technology helps advertisers streamline workflows, improve campaign efficiency, and focus on performance, leveraging dynamic bidding to maximize budgets.

“We’ve seen continued success among mobile gaming clients leveraging Infuse to diversify their user acquisition strategy,” said Matt Conlin, Co-Founder and Chief Customer Officer at Fluent. “To meet growing demand from advertisers across our broader suite of performance solutions, we look forward to expanding our influencer solution into new app categories, including social, utilities, gambling, and more.” 

To learn more about reaching highly engaged audiences through Fluent’s influencer marketing solution, connect with us here.

About Fluent, Inc. 

Fluent, Inc. (NASDAQ: FLNT) is a leading performance marketing company that specializes in customer acquisition through its owned and operated digital media portfolio. Leveraging cutting-edge data science and a privacy-forward approach, Fluent enables advertisers to reach hundreds of millions of engaged, high-intent customers through exclusive inventory. With its proprietary optimization technology, Fluent solutions are designed to drive business growth and strong customer loyalty.

Established in 2010 and headquartered in New York City, Fluent’s team of experts have invested billions of dollars in media across its digital media portfolio to build a global audience. For more information, please visit www.fluentco.com.

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