MAU 2024: Five Key Trends Shaping the Mobile App Industry

April 8, 2024

The Fluent team had a blast connecting with top game developers at Mobile Apps Unlocked (MAU) in Vegas. From lively poolside conversations to strategic client meetings with stunning views, we gained valuable insights into the gaming community’s top priorities.

MAU 2024

Here’s what we learned, and how Fluent can help developers tackle industry challenges and achieve their user acquisition (UA) goals.

The buzzword of MAU? Retention. It’s all about driving engaged users with high LTV (Lifetime Value) and long-term loyalty. This focus on retention is indicative of a larger industry-wide shift from growth to ROAS as developers seek positive returns on their UA investments.

How Fluent Can Help

Our extensive digital media portfolio and cutting-edge data tools help developers target engaged audiences primed to become high-value players. Leveraging our Dynamic ROAS Optimization approach, we seamlessly layer our first-party data over clients’ post-install events. This gives developers unmatched insights to optimize ad placements and reach their most valuable users.

Get more tips for acquiring high-LTV users for your mobile game here.

Reengagement goes hand in hand with retention for game developers aiming to sustain and grow their user base. Developers are eagerly exploring avenues to drive stronger progression and enhance retention, with a particular emphasis on channels like SMS and push notifications.

How Fluent Can Help

Developers can leverage Fluent’s SMS and email capabilities to reengage existing users and boost down-funnel engagement. Custom CRM paths can also help app marketers personalize the user experience to reactivate churned users based on their previous app activity.

App developers are looking for new ways to incorporate exclusive and personalized experiences into their user acquisition efforts. While there has traditionally been some skepticism around the value of incent traffic in mobile UA, rewarded platforms have stepped up their game as a channel that offers not only scale and efficiency but also opportunities to surprise and delight new users.

How Fluent Can Help

Fluent’s rewarded discovery platform allows app developers to unlock incremental audiences and entice users to try new games. Fluent works closely with developers to identify and promote exclusive offers such as promo codes, welcome offers, deep links, and other personalized incentives aimed at enriching the user experience and fostering brand loyalty.

Influencer marketing continues to stand strong as a hot channel for mobile UA, presenting exciting opportunities for businesses looking to amplify their reach and engagement. By tapping into the power of influencers, brands can expand their audience and enhance credibility and trust – especially among Gen Z audiences.

How Fluent Can Help

Our proprietary influencer platform connects developers with a vast network of influencers, creators, and affiliates eager to promote exclusive offers. Developers can tap into our growing community of creators to access engaged audiences and convert new customers based on based on geographic location, demographics, and other criteria.

AI was a hot topic at MAU this year, with developers discussing how to leverage the power of AI to support everything from asset creation to data analysis and targeting. As machine learning algorithms continue to evolve, expect developers to double down, tapping into AI to optimize ad placements, improve bidding strategies, and detect ad fraud.

How Fluent Can Help

Fluent’s AI-driven ad ranking system goes beyond basic targeting to unlock a deeper understanding of your audience. We analyze user behavior beyond demographics, predicting ad preferences based on clicks, conversions, and device usage. This translates to hyper-personalized ad experiences that drive increased consumer engagement and deliver maximum ROAS.

Learn how Fluent’s AI helps fuel smarter targeting and optimization strategies here.

MAU Vegas 2024 was a whirlwind of insights and networking. There’s tons of movement in the app world, with developers diversifying their portfolios and introducing new apps and updates. Amidst this evolving landscape, Fluent is a trusted growth partner dedicated to helping app developers achieve their growth objectives. 

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