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Seamlessly integrate post-transaction offers and drive +22% YoY growth.
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Better monetize your high-traffic post-purchase pages on web or in-app and join the growth opportunity that leading ecommerce sites are taking advantage of. 

Improve Customer

Enhance the shopping journey by offering tailored and relevant post-purchase offers that increase customer satisfaction and engagement.


Integrate our solution seamlessly with your existing infrastructure, ensuring a smooth and efficient setup without disrupting your current operations.

Enhance Your Ecommerce Strategy

Our solution enables you to capitalize on the post-purchase moment, offering top-tier, personalized offers that seamlessly integrate with your brand’s aesthetics. Transform your site into a powerful commerce media engine and unlock new revenue streams.

Intelligent Targeting

Leverage AI to deliver relevant offers, ensuring each customer receives the most suitable promotions based on their behavior and preferences.

Elevate Your Customer Experience

Align ads with your brand guidelines, allowing you to create a cohesive and seamless ad experience that feels native to your site.

Drive Incremental Value

Access comprehensive performance metrics in one view, making it easy to track and analyze your campaign’s effectiveness and ROI.

Maximize Loyalty Club Earnings Transform Customer Happiness into Revenue

Generate incremental ad revenue while elevating your loyalty program.

Incorporate mobile gaming apps into your loyalty program, enabling customers to earn points while enjoying themselves.

Redeemable towards future purchases, these points offer a win-win: increased ad revenue for you and delighted gaming customers

Discover how Fluent can boost your revenue with targeted, personalized experiences.

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