Mobile Gaming UA Landscape

September 29, 2023

Worldwide ad spend on gaming app downloads is $26.7 billion dollars annually – representing more than a quarter of the total dollars spent promoting apps. As is often the case with a growing industry, mobile gaming has become more specialized and complex as marketers identify areas of expertise to cater to its unique demands. 

For a bird’s eye view, Fluent’s Mobile Gaming UA Landscape identifies the elements that make the industry work and how the major players fit in. Check it out below, or download a PDF version here.

Mobile Gaming UA Landscape

Legend: Mobile Gaming UA Landscape

Learn more about each category listed above and its role in the broader mobile gaming ecosystem:

“Alternative” UA Channels

Rewarded campaigns, sponsored content, and influencer partnerships are just some of the emerging channels that marketers can tap into to unlock new audiences and diversify their media mix. By promoting games on mobile web or in other non-app settings, marketers can reach and convert casual gamers and newcomers. These audiences may spend more time on the open web than in-app. 


No matter which UA channels you’re using (a well-rounded strategy would include a combination of mainstream and alternative traffic sources!), it’s important to have the right infrastructure in place to keep the acquisition engine running smoothly. From tracking and attribution to re-engagement and analytics, these partners help marketers better understand and engage their best users. They also offer insights to inform campaign optimizations and drive higher-quality user acquisition.

“Mainstream” UA Channels

This category includes the industry leaders app marketers have relied on for years to drive reliable results. A large portion of this available inventory exists within the app ecosystem. This allows marketers to purchase ads on a single platform or across various apps and publishers.  However, because these channels are so saturated, rising competition and costs are prompting marketers to explore new channels. 

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