How a Department Store Uses Post-Transaction Advertising while Maintaining Brand Control - Fluent, Inc.
Case Study

How a Department Store Uses Post-Transaction Advertising while Maintaining Brand Control



Riding the wave of retail media growth across department stores, this privately-owned American department store chain set out to establish post-transaction advertising as a strong new revenue stream integrated into their customer checkout experience. As part of this endeavor, they sought to monetize the traffic that flows through their website and mobile app, accounting for many total transactions.

Maintaining control over the customer’s journey was also essential for the brand. This includes controlling the content, aesthetics, and brands they associate with. The ability to choose which advertisers would be promoted to their audience was key to preserving their brand image and integrity.



The brand’s primary objective to select Fluent as its provider was our ability to quickly integrate within their mobile app, which represents a significant percentage of their best customers. Fluent facilitated this integration seamlessly through its SDK which prioritizes data safety and a user-friendly design.

Fluent provides its partners with transparency and control, empowering them to block specific advertisers selectively. This core feature:

  • Builds confidence in the quality and relevance of offers
  • Provides insight into the types of offers that resonate best with customers for better campaign optimization

Fluent prides itself on a customer-centric approach. As a managed service, we collaborated directly with the chain’s team to understand and enhance their revenue target. The success of the partnership can largely be attributed to Fluent’s ability to deliver relevant, targeted offers at precisely the right moment during the shopping experience.  The team’s only complaint with Fluent was “I wish we did this sooner.”



Since launching Fluent on their web and mobile properties, The chain has been able to:

  • Exceed its revenue targets beyond initial projections
  • Provide real value through their shopping experience and overall customer journey
  • Preserve their customer journey

A representative from the ” team” or “leadership” shared, “Our customers complain about everything, but we haven’t heard one complaint from them after we launched Fluent’s post-transaction solution.”

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