Streaming Goes Mainstream: How to Win in the Crowded Streaming Services Space

August 8, 2019
Streaming Services WP

The streaming services landscape is undergoing transformational change.

Traditional pay TV is on the decline as consumers cancel their subscriptions and make the move to OTT streaming services. The largest pay TV providers in the US – representing about 95% of the market – lost about 3 million net video subscribers in 2018, and eMarketer predicts that there will be 197.7 million OTT subscribers in the US by 2022.

Yet with dozens of streaming services available, consumers are frustrated by the hassle of managing multiple subscriptions to get a full slate of their favorite programming at an affordable price. These frustrations will be compounded as networks and studios launch their own services, pulling content from rivals and further fragmenting the market.

Fighting for consumers’ attention and battling over access to premium licensed content, streaming companies must find new ways to differentiate their product offerings to attract new users and keep existing customers from falling off the bandwagon.  

In this Guide:

  • Gain insight into the challenges that today’s streaming providers face and explore the leading causes of consumer frustration.
  • Learn how to use content, UX optimizations, data-driven personalization, and social engagement to create a more subscriber-centric marketing approach.
  • Get practical tips for diversifying acquisition efforts and driving long-term subscriber loyalty and retention.

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