Consumers, Data, and Control: Driving Loyalty and Trust Through a Strong Value Exchange

June 3, 2021
Consumer Value Exchange Report

With the demise of third-party cookies changing the way digital advertisers approach personalization, brands are exploring new ways to collect opted-in consumer data. At the same time, consumers realize the immense value their data holds, and want more transparency and greater control over who can use the information collected during their online activities.

Fluent surveyed 14K+ US adults to better understand consumer attitudes toward data privacy – and what motivates them to share personal information with brands. The findings reveal the prominent role a value exchange will play as digital advertisers set out to form direct relationships with their customers – and build out a strong first-party data asset – in a post-cookie world. 

In this report, we explore: 

  • Offers and incentives consumers expect from brands 
  • Channels where consumers are most likely to engage 
  • Types of data consumers are willing to share with advertisers 

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