Truebill Partners with Fluent to Drive Exceptional Growth

September 18, 2019


Truebill is a mobile app that provides consumers with tools to better manage their finances in a variety of ways, including identifying and canceling unwanted subscriptions, lowering bills, and obtaining refunds on fees and outages. Focused on driving ROAS, Truebill sought a new channel to drive pre-qualified users with high lifetime value. Truebill partnered with Fluent to diversify its acquisition efforts beyond traditional social, video, and mobile channels.


Seeking to grow its active user base, Truebill set out to convert app installs to sign ups at a positive return on ad spend. The Truebill team aimed to minimize risk by driving meaningful downstream actions.

To connect Truebill with its most valuable users, Fluent launched a campaign on The Smart Wallet (TSW), a dynamic media brand within its owned and operated portfolio of properties. As a resource to help people discover new ways to earn and save money, TSW connects with readers that complement Truebill’s target audience.

The TSW team created original content pieces to engage consumers and highlight different aspects of Truebill’s value proposition. Fluent offered Truebill the unique opportunity to A/B test content and creative based on different service offerings, including negotiating bills and cancelling unwanted subscriptions. To engage consumers and increase conversions, Fluent also tested a dynamic “savings calculator” widget within Truebill placements.

“Built on transparency and trust, our partnership with Fluent is truly collaborative. Fluent provides us with actionable insights into customer motivations and content types that resonate best with our users, allowing us to drive cross-channel optimizations. By giving us control over A/B testing, Fluent also empowers our team to apply learnings from other channels to drive growth for our TSW campaign.” -Alon Wertheimer, VP of Marketing, Truebill


Over the course of the campaign, Fluent converted tens of thousands of leads to new users, outpacing other acquisition partners by 20%. In addition to generating traffic to custom Truebill content, Fluent also enabled Truebill to apply findings from A/B testing to optimize their TSW campaign and inform content strategy across other advertising channels and initiatives.

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