Scentbird Partners with Fluent to Scale User Base and Reduce CPA by 40%

November 12, 2019
Scentbird Case Study


Scentbird is a subscription-based beauty brand that lets consumers sample a 30-day supply of top designer fragrances for $14.95 per month. As a growing subscription service brand, Scentbird sought a trusted partner to help scale its user acquisition efforts by 20% in 2019.


To enable Scentbird to meet its growth objectives, Fluent launched a campaign across its owned and operated portfolio of websites. Leveraging intelligent targeting powered by self-declared insights, Fluent successfully matched interested users with relevant Scentbird offers.

Scentbird provided custom ad creative for a 50% off promotion and free trial offer. With the help of transparent tracking mechanisms put in place by Fluent, Scentbird was able to compare performance across each offer. Finding that the free trial offer yielded nearly 40% higher conversion rates, Scentbird leveraged the results from A/B testing to scale their user acquisition campaign with Fluent.

“Fluent has become our largest acquisition partner to date, helping us to generate 25% of all sales in 2019. Fluent provides full visibility into campaign performance, enabling us to optimize our offers and acquire new customers with a self-declared interest in the Scentbird service.” – Oleg Popov, Head of User Acquisition at Scentbird


Over the course of the campaign, Fluent became Scentbird’s largest acquisition partner, helping the DTC brand exceed its growth goals for 2019. In the span of one year, Fluent reduced Scentbird’s CPA by 40% and helped generate up to 25% of all subscription sales.

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