Sandvik Publishing Achieves Dramatic Growth for its Online Book Clubs with Fluent

August 8, 2018


Sandvik Publishing, a direct to consumer children’s book subscription company operates one of the leading online book clubs for parents of young children and represents prestigious brands. Members of the book club receive a personalized package approximately every three weeks that is filled with two or three new books that are expertly curated for their child based on age. The company has aggressive subscription growth goals and places an emphasis on not just driving volume but high lifetime subscriber value. To achieve this, Sandvik has had a long term partnership with Fluent and has seen tremendous success driving online subscriptions at scale to exceed its business objectives.


Fluent has been directly driving quality online subscriptions for Sandvik since April 2016 and has the capability to make up as much as 25% of the overall media mix. Over this time, Fluent has driven reliable and steady growth.  Utilizing its proprietary survey platform, Fluent is able to identify not only parents but also those with a self-declared interest in joining an online book club. These pre-qualified prospects are then served an ad for a Sandvik book club within Fluent’s proprietary media network. Built on a performance model, Sandvik pays only for down the funnel activity when an order form is complete.

“Sandvik puts particular emphasis on lifetime value, a metric that we track with a proprietary system, and Fluent consistently drives quality subscriptions that meet this internal KPI.” – Lauren Ball, Director, Acquisition Marketing, Sandvik Publishing


This campaign has increasingly driven the majority of new subscriptions as compared to other partners. Over the course of the partnership, Fluent has seen 750% growth in the order volume. Additionally, Fluent outperforms email partners who email on behalf of Sandvik and drives better lifetime value, a metric that the company meticulously tracks. The most important campaign Key Performance Indicator is subscriber lifetime value and Fluent consistently satisfies this metric for success. Fluent successfully delivers not only quality subscribers but is also able to scale to meet the evolving needs of the campaign. Recently, Fluent surpassed Facebook as the top volume driver. Working together on a cost per acquisition model, Fluent continues to be one of Sandvik’s key partners.

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