Five Unexpected Places Where Ads Are Enhancing the Customer Journey

May 15, 2024

Have you ever signed up for a newsletter, reserved a spot at a fitness class, or booked a dinner reservation? Chances are you arrived at a landing page or confirmation message at this point in the digital customer journey.

These touchpoints allow businesses to surprise and delight consumers with special offers directly after they complete a specific action. This can be either a monetary transaction, like making a purchase, or a simple exchange, like submitting an email address.

When placed on digital confirmation pages, these ads help to turn fleeting moments into lasting relationships, leading to positive consumer sentiment, strong brand loyalty, and incremental revenue that goes straight to the bottom line. 

Untapped Opportunities for Engagement

Businesses across industries are tapping into their under-utilized digital real estate to take the consumer experience to the next level. In fact, according to a Fluent survey, 64% of retailers have reported positive consumer responses to ads on their websites. Below, we explore the fast-emerging – and sometimes unexpected – places where ads are popping up. Dive into how post-purchase and post-action ads can elevate the digital customer journey.

Purchase Confirmation Pages:

Purchase confirmation pages are the most obvious choice for launching post-transaction ads. With access to a trove of customer data, retailers, online ticketing sites, resale marketplaces, and other ecommerce businesses can tap into first-party insights to target ads based on purchase history and other demographic and contextual data. At the same time, customers enjoy the convenience of exploring personalized offers without having to leave the original site.

RSVPs & Event Sign-Ups: 

Whether you’ve just signed up for a ceramics workshop on Eventbrite or RSVPed to a baby shower via Paperless Post, the customer journey doesn’t need to end there. By showcasing relevant services after event sign-ups, businesses can anticipate customer needs and encourage them to explore related activities.

Newsletter Sign-Ups:

Virtually any business can have its own newsletter, but how many are monetizing this piece of prime digital real estate? Newsletter sign-ups serve as a great entry point to deliver curated offers and deepen the relationship with your audience. Going beyond simple product promotions, businesses can also engage customers with content or loyalty programs that align with their interests.

Reservation Confirmation Pages:

If you just snagged a hard-to-get restaurant reservation or booked a hotel room for your best friend’s wedding, you’re likely going to want to stick around for a confirmation. Businesses can capitalize on the attention of this highly engaged audience to deliver offers and promotions for complementary services.

  • Restaurants: After a customer reserves a table, offer a discount code for a rideshare service to get them to their reservation on time.
  • Hotel/Lodging: After a customer books a hotel stay, offer related services like travel insurance or airport transportation to help streamline the planning process.
  • Fitness Class: After a customer signs up for a personal training session, offer a discount code for protein powder to support their fitness goals.
  • Dog Walking Service: After a customer books a dog walker, showcase a free trial for a pet food subscription service, catering to the complete pet care experience.
  • Babysitting Service: After a customer books a babysitter, promote online education programs or children’s book subscriptions, providing additional value to parents and their kids.

Appointment Confirmation Pages:

A personalized approach to post-appointment ads can enhance customer service, strengthen customer trust and loyalty, and encourage repeat business. Businesses can transform a single appointment into a long-lasting relationship by strategically utilizing these touchpoints.

  • Hair/Nail Salon: Hair salons can offer targeted product recommendations based on booked services, such as specific color-safe shampoo after a highlighting appointment.
  • Doctor’s Offices: After a checkup, an ad can remind patients to schedule their next appointment or present offers for relevant wellness programs.

Enhancing the Digital Customer Journey

Post-action and post-purchase ads aren’t just about immediate revenue. By leveraging purchase history and browsing behavior, these ads can deliver highly personalized recommendations based on customers’ needs and preferences. To maximize impact and build stronger consumer connections, consider these tips:

  • Personalization is key: Tailor your message to reflect past purchase history or browsing behavior.
  • Focus on value: Offer genuine benefits like exclusive deals, helpful content, or a chance to connect with the community.
  • Keep it non-intrusive: Maintain a positive user experience by keeping the ad format engaging yet unobtrusive.
  • Track and analyze: Measure the effectiveness of your campaigns to optimize your targeting and maximize ROI.
Learn how to enhance the digital customer journey with post-purchase ads


Post-action and post-purchase ads have emerged as powerful yet often overlooked tools for transforming one-off transactions into springboards for lasting customer relationships. They offer a win-win scenario: consumers benefit from personalized offers and experiences while businesses unlock new revenue streams. Businesses can foster continued connection and loyalty by embracing these natural touchpoints throughout the digital customer journey.

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