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We Drive Action & Engagement for Leading Brands

Access exclusive advertising inventory and audiences primed for acquisition

Expand your acquisition strategy

Transform your customer acquisition and retention strategy with Flash Rewards, our advanced offer-wall powered by AI technology. Connect with millions of monthly active users eager to engage and discover captivating offers.

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Unlock incremental acquisition channels

Harness the power of our exclusive advertising inventory to connect with an untapped audience and deliver your enticing offers. By strategically placing your offers on retailer’s Post-Transaction page through adflow, you’ll witness an unprecedented boost in your acquisition targets as primed customers convert at an extraordinary rate.

Drive highly engaged traffic to your site

Tap into a vast network of millions of engaged users who are deeply passionate about niche content, and watch as high-quality traffic floods into your domains. The Smart Wallet site provides you with the perfect platform to achieve exceptional engagement and facilitate seamless customer acquisition through its rich and captivating content.

Elevate targeting with enhanced first-party data

Unleash the power of augmented data through our cutting-edge data solution. Reach consumers through tailored audience segments, both custom and syndicated, and gain invaluable insights into customer and prospect behaviors.

Skyrocket your ROAS

Partner with our paid media experts at AdParlor to establish your Digital Media Strategy and flawlessly execute it. With an outcome-based approach to media planning and buying across platforms like Google, Facebook, and beyond, our experts will exceed your goals.

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June 15, 2023

Matt Conlin of Fluent On 5 Ways To Create a Wow! Customer Experience

A great customer experience is essential for success in business, but what can brands do to help keep the spark alive? As part of an ongoing series focused on the five things a business should do to create a Wow! customer experience, Authority Magazine ...
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Fluent, Inc. Data is Now Available in TransUnion’s TruAudience┬« Data Marketplace to Enable Enhanced Targeting Capabilities

Declared and opted-in consumer data made available for targeting across Connected TV and streaming audio platforms NEW YORK, Oct. 17, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Fluent, Inc. (NASDAQ: FLNT), a leading data-driven performance marketing company, today ...
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